The Parents' Advisory Board (PAB)

The Parents’ Advisory Board was formed in 1995 to act as a voice of the parents to the Seminary Administration. From its inception, members of the board have selflessly played a key advisory role towards the growth and development of the Seminary.

Nswanjere Seminary - The Parents Advisor Board - PAB
Nswanjere Junior Seminary Campus

The Board is comprised of subcommittees which members use to solve and brainstorm atomic problems, hence increasing its efficiency.

Currently, the Board is following a 5 year Strategic plan (2016 – 2020)  that aims ad developing the seminary and solving peculiar problems. The board works in close collaboration with the Seminary administration to ensure that parents have sound input into the decisions that run the seminary.

We would like therefore to sincerely thank the Board members

Following the Board’s recommendations, the following milestones have been reached;

  1. Reduced workload and improved efficiency, quality of teachers and subject matter by deploying at least two teachers per subject in each class.
  2. Successfully encouraged and supported our teaching staff to upgrade.
  3. Processing annual medical reports of the Seminarians.
  4. Maintained programs that foster discipline.
  5. Maintained the existing structures in good shape by renovating and facelifting;
    1. The Chapel
    2. The Classroom Floors
    3. Dormitories
    4. Ensure a clean environment free of dust and menace of stones by paving the compound.
  6. Beefed up the security of the Seminary
  7. Developed self-sustaining income-generating projects such as the Piggery and Banana plantation

These are a few notable milestones from a myriad of others.