The annals of the history of Nswanjere Junior Seminary
Fr. Kiggundu John bosco

The annals of the history of Nswanjere Junior Seminary

Message from the Rector on the Occasion of the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of Nswanjere Junior Seminary

I am profoundly honoured to go in the annals of history of Nswanjere that I was Rector when she was celebrating 50 years since her inception. 

I am more delighted however, that I am an Alumnus.

I have very happy memories of Nswanjere.

I wish therefore to heartily congratulate our Alma Mater which to many of us was the beginning of civilisation.

Innumerable personalities have had a great stake in the life of Nswanjere in the last 50 years and the golden jubilee preparations per se. I cannot mention all and finish. Nevertheless, let me mention a handifull.

Jjajja Byandaala

Jjajja Byandaala Gabdieri eyatona yiika, okutudde essomero mu Mawokota Seminario esooka,“ (Courtesy of Fr. Magembe 1978). We are indeed very grateful for his generosity of heart.

His Grace Dr. Joseph Nakabaale Kiwanuka. We admire his vision. He dreamt of a seedbed (Akalimiro) and made it a reality. It has since then been a major tributary of Kisubi Minor Seminary and a host of other Minor Seminaries.

The successive Archbishops; Emmanuel Cardinal Nsubuga (R.I.P), Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala and His Grace Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga together with his Auxiliary Bishop Christopher Kakooza. We sincerely thank you for your contribution towards the junior seminary.

My predecessors; Rev. Frs. Ssebuliba Edward, Kimbowa Charles, Muwanga Aloysius, Ssempala Henry (R.I.P) and Sserunjogi John Mary (R.I.P). You each laid an invaluable stone which made the building a strong one now 50 years. Thank you for your contribution.

All the staff members both teaching and support, since 1964 to date, the living and those who passed on. Thank you so much for your selfless giving to those that have gone through your hands.

The Parents, past and current. You have been and are a strong pillar. Your contribution as far as Nswanjere being self-reliant is concerned cannot be underrated. The respective Parents’ Advisory Boards. Thank you for the wise counsel.

I have been mesmerized by the support of all forms. I sincerely thank all that have fundraised for us, all that have generously supported us in cash and kind, the firms, companies, banks and schools that have enabled the production of our souvenir magazine. May the bountiful God reward you abundantly.

Our benefactors especially Ugandahilfe Stettenhofen und Langweid Germany headed by the Parish Priest Herrn Dekan Georg Schneider, the Director Herrn Ludwig Pröll and team of Frau Klaudia Weishaupt, Frau Wintermeir, Frau Sabina Fendt, Frau Anne Ringe and Herrn Peter Bauer. Your contribution has made a substantial facelift of Nswanjere-Water, Sanitation, Golden Jubilee Monument, etc… “Ein herzliche Vergelt’s Gott.”

Uganda Hilfe Team; Peter Bauer, Klaudia Weisshaupt, Ludwig Proll, Sabine Fendt, Anne Ringel und Dekan Georg Schneider

The Golden Jubilee and Steering committee members headed by Dr Paul Francis Mugambe. Your wisdom and expertise have tremendously made our Jubilee a great success.Alibakwatako ng’anjagaza bigambo.”

My dear the Seminarians and Staff members between November 2011 when we started the preparations with the blessing of the golden jubilee monument foundation to date. You have always been there when I needed you. You have been generous with your time, energy and talents. You enjoy a secret Golden place in my heart. Among the current staff members, I wish to single out my colleagues Rev. Frs. Joseph Ssentomero and Matthias Mulumba Buuzibwa, Vice-Rector and Spiritual Director respectively. The fraternity and teamwork we have, has made administration and the jubilee preparations very flowing. Thank you for being cooperative and able delegatees. “Njagala muwangaale emyaka 800.”

One other person I would like to recognise is Mr. Herman Mugaanyi, the composer of our Seminary anthem. It is really a beautiful and pregnant piece.

Finally to all of you dear Obs and friends. Thank you for coming home and for honouring our invitation. May God protect you from all harm and deliver all of you safely to your respective destinations.

After the celebration of the 50 years, what next? It is consolidation, Quality assurance and production of the best of the best.

Humbly praying for your further support and God’s blessing of the work of our hands.

Fr. John Bosco Kiggundu

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  1. Opoya Francis Paul

    Thank you very much Father Johaness, I’m proud of you my Rector. We look forward to seeing our seminary rise to great greater heights…

  2. Ssemawano Benjamin

    Am really indebted to my alma mater for what I am, where am are and who I am today!!! Thank you so much.

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